RAPAD Innovation Space and Technology Precinct

RAPAD Innovation Space and Technology Precinct

RAPAD invite's you to experience their Innovation Space and Technology Precinct at the Westech Field Days September 2017 event.  The precinct is a first for the event and will see a coming together of tech companies and entrepreneurs, all in one space, all at Westech 2017.  This physical space will provide visitors with an ideal environment to hold, touch and play with the latest technologies and innovations, be inspired, be mentored, make connections and help you grow your ideas.  It is also an opportunity to actively seek local champions, those people who are well advanced in the digital economy and in a strong position, to influence and mentor others in the region.


The precinct aims to give you the opportunity to:

  • hold, touch and play with the latest technologies and innovations that are available now to take home and plug into your business, with providers like NBN, Telstra, South Western Wireless, Maia, Precision Agriculture and Microsoft present.  These experiences are not limited to adults, with kids and parents alike able to be part of the Education Queensland Creative Bus and other demonstrations; and
  • network and connect with and be inspired and mentored by leading entrepreneur’s and business people from across Australia, travelling in person to Westech.

Who will be there and who will I get to meet?

  • Tech companies demonstrating their technology and equipment, and entrepreneurs, from across Australia.

Who should come?

  • Anyone keen to see the latest in tech and innovation;
  • Anyone who has a business idea and wants some connections and inspiration in making it happen;
  • Anyone who already has a business up and going but wants some help and ideas to take it to the next level or is seeking investment; and
  • Participants are not limited to people involved directly in agriculture, anyone who lives in the central west and has an idea they want to flourish are welcome.

What if I have an idea and want to discuss it with the speakers?

  • A registration site will be set up for the “Entrepreneur Matching Program”.  Once registered you are automatically allocated a set time to meet with speakers, giving you time to plan what else you are doing at Westech and ensuring you don’t miss them while they are here, plus you will automatically get updates on what’s happening in the precinct.

Why should I come?  It will give you the opportunity to:

  • touch and play with the latest technologies and innovations;
  • be inspired and make connections to help you grow your idea;
  • hear global insights first hand from those doing the business, as well as give you the opportunity to meet them to discuss any ideas and projects you have;
  • create entrepreneur matching opportunities for you and your business, not just with the speakers, but also with those in the audience; and
  • identify possible new business opportunities, partners and investors to grow your business.

Westech is an agricultural field days event held in Barcaldine, Central Western Queensland in September every three years.  Started in the 1980’s as a way of physically bringing the latest agricultural innovation to the region it continues to grow attracting up to 4000 people.

RAPAD is proudly hosting the Innovation Space and Technology Precinct as a part of its Smart Central West Strategy with funding support from the Qld Governments Department of State Development, Remote Area Board funding program.

For more information visit Westech Field Days and click here to see the speaker's bio's