RAPAD Employment Services Queensland

With its head office located in Longreach, RAPAD Employment Services Queensland [RESQ] delivers the Community Development Program [CDP] in two of the 60 remote regions across Australia; the Central West and South West (Qld) regions. RESQ commenced in the Central West in July 2013 and in the South West in April 2017.

To December 2016, RESQ has provided over 330 registered job seekers with support to develop individual job and career plans, focusing on career aspirations and assisting them to gain the practical and applied skills to build their confidence, knowledge and preparation for work.

The RESQ team have developed and activated a diverse range of Community Projects throughout the Central West and where possible, has supported local community groups who struggle to afford repairs and maintenance. This same supportive approach commenced in the South West when RESQ took on this region. Two examples of large, multi-partner projects include the Weeds of National Significance and the Wild Dog Exclusion Fencing both of which the RESQ job seekers have been involved in.

RESQs General Manager is Mr Tony Rayner.

RESQ Head Office
07 4658 0710 101 Eagle Street
Longreach Queensland
Australia 4730