Outback Wifi

Outback WiFi is a network of access points for public WiFi connectivity. All access points will have the same access details to allow connectivity from access point to access point as visitors travel within towns and regions.

By design, Outback WiFi has a login requirement to capture data that will provide empirical evidence and aggregated information on which to base decisions regarding service provision and economic development in the region. In time the quantity, quality and value of this information will increase.

Outback Digital aligns with the Australian Data Privacy Act and the European General Data Protection Regulation. Partners have full access to data generated in their town/cluster. Partners have access to metadata across the entire Outback WiFi region. This information is at an aggregated, whole of region level.

Data will not be shared, sold or distributed without prior agreement.

The data generated through Outback WiFi is owned by Central Western Queensland Remote Area Planning and Development Board [RAPAD] and will be utilised to advance the intent of the organisation as per RAPAD’s vision and mission statements.

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