Advance Regional Innovation Program

RAPAD is the lead agent for Outback Queensland’s Advancing Regional Innovation Program lead agents funded by Advance Queensland.

As one of twelve regions funded by this program, this three-year project sees the collaboration across the large expanse of the Outback and includes partners McKinlay Shire Council and South West RED.  Corporate partners support our program through in-kind and financial support.

Major outcomes to date include:

  • Outbackhubs, a developing network of physical and virtual coworking sites which utilitse the state of the art, easy to use Zoom Room platform.  These sites enable regional, national and global connectivity at the drop of a hat.  Hot desking is also available on site.
  • Outback Aerodrone Symposium: connecting agriculture, local governments and UAV industry in one spot to share information on the latest technology and operational uses for drones.

Facilitation of Startup Weekends, Hackathons, workshops for entrepreneurs and innovators