Western Queensland Councils welcome $25million Works for Queensland funding

Members of the Western Queensland Alliance of Councils welcomed the Palaszczuk Government’s latest COVID Works for Queensland program funding announcement which will see more than $25million allocated across the region.

This funding is part of the Queensland Government’s Economic Recovery Strategy which includes $200 million for a state-wide COVID Works for Queensland program to be delivered during 2020-21.

The 21 councils of the Western Queensland Alliance have stood united in responding to COVID-19 and potential impacts. Their efforts have ensured the Outback region has remained free of any confirmed cases.

The Works for Queensland funds will deliver a significant boost to the Outback councils as they get back to business as usual following uncertain times and restrictions.

Mayor Tony Rayner, Chair of the Remote Area Planning and Development Board said

“The $25million will be invested across the 21 councils ,resulting in spending right around the region, which will support jobs and local economies. We thank the government for supporting rural and remote communities. We also appreciate the simplicity and allocative approach of the program. This gives local councils better decision-making power so we can take action on current priorities for our areas.”

Mayor Jack Bawden, Chair of the North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils said:

“It will mean a lot to each council. Unlike our mates in the big smoke, the council is the biggest employer in many of our local government areas and the first port of call for support for its communities and local businesses in dealing to an event like this. This funding means we can continue to support jobs and look to providing more opportunities and also spend dollars locally - where it counts.”

Mayor Samantha O’Toole, Chair of the South West Local Government Association said:  

“COVID-19 effectively brought many things to a halt, but our communities are pretty tough and are ready to get going full steam ahead. These funds give an additional boost to our drive on the road to recovery and will help open more doors and create opportunities where we know we need it. Being able to get on with the job and deliver or bring forward planned works, maintenance, community wellbeing activities and other initiatives supported under the program is a great step forward for us in the remote regions.”

The Western Queensland Alliance of Councils stands ready to ensure their communities will get back to business as usual and continue to deliver the $9.5 billion we inject into the economy.


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