RAPAD's 10 Point Election Plan

With a state election getting ever closer, the Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD), is on the front foot and has put forward its 10-point plan to all major political parties.

 The 10 regional priority points are:

  • Growing business and community digital connections,
  • Securing Essential Infrastructure to Support Economic Growth and Community Wellbeing,
  • Helping Councils Manage Community Assets and Maintain Workforces,
  • Protecting the Rural Economy,
  • Growing Tourism to Diversify the Economy,
  • Focusing on a Renewable Energy Future,
  • Responding to the Economic and Personal Costs of Drought,
  • Implementing Stock Route Management Reform,
  • Securing Healthy Aged Living Services for our Seniors,
  • Developing World Class Health Services for Rural Communities.

 Representing an area close to one quarter of Queensland’s land mass, RAPAD said the 10 regional priority points are focused on stimulating the region’s economy, making the region more attractive for investment, lowering the costs of living and better able to attract and retain families for the region’s future.

 “These 10 points are a mix of short, medium and long term priorities, said Cr Rob Chandler, Chair of RAPAD”.

 “They are also reflective of extensive community consultation which has informed RAPAD’s strategic planning”.

 Cr Chandler said the 10-point plan has been provided to all major parties, and their candidates where known.

 “I’ve asked all parties to meet with RAPAD to advise us how they intend on addressing the issues raised”, said Cr Chandler.

 “We are also looking for written feedback so we can make that feedback available for the wider public. That way everyone can read for themselves how the candidates and their parties are going to support the Central Western Queensland region”.

Download media release PDF here

Download election plan PDF here


Contact: Cr Rob Chandler, 0427 512 314