RAPAD work response for COVID-19

Our team, like everyone’s, is adopting the experts’ advice for reducing the spread of COVID19.

We’ve activated our business continuity plan, which involves contingency for our people to work from home when required.

We have invested greatly in technology to connect virtually, and we have had the capacity to work remotely across our business units for several years now. As a result of this we don't expect any interruptions to the services that we provide, although they may be provided differently.

Our Longreach office (RAPAD and RAPAD Skilling) landline phone numbers are answerable outside of our office so no disruption will occur should you contact these office  numbers.

Our business units are equipped for Zoom web and video conferencing so we will continue to deliver our services via these platforms which many of you are already using to interact with us.

While RAPAD Skilling, in usual times, prefers to deliver face to face to our clients, trainers and assessors also deliver via Zoom video conferencing to remote students so the transition to others to this method should be seamless.

For our Rural Financial Counselling clients, face to face interviews will be avoided very soon and if you require, our team are happy to assist you prepare for Zoom video conferencing or, to speak to you via phone.

Off-site visits will inevitably cease very soon, unless very essential. Our approach will be consistent with health authority advice at all times. You can call the office to make arrangements for a Zoom meeting via Outbackhubs Virtual or telephone.

If our office does need to close, we are fully prepared to continue our service to you and minimise any disruption as outlined below;

Outbackhubs have also modified the service delivery for the Building Digital Business Footprint workshops planned across our region this next few weeks, so that your plans to take part in these learning activities can proceed. Keep an eye out for the information once we have made the arrangements

Also, over the coming months we will be offering webinars, online workshops and mentoring sessions by phone that focus on the value of innovation and the development of viable ideas in these uncertain times, plus practical suggestions to help you adapt and hopefully thrive in these changed economic and social circumstances.

This may be an opportunity to work on your business for post COVID-19.

These are unchartered waters for many of us, creating unprecedented demand for new solutions to business and life.

This is our new ‘business as usual’ for now and we want to stay connected with you.


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