State Election - Gregory Candidates Responses

Gregory Candidates Responses


Despite multiple requests over many weeks, only two of the Gregory candidates, LNPs Lachlan Millar and Independent Bruce Currie, have taken the time to respond to RAPADs 10 point election plan.

 KAP, who are not running a candidate in Gregory, have also offered a response.

 RAPADs 10-point election plan highlights the following areas for the Central West region.

  • Growing business and community digital connections,
  • Securing Essential Infrastructure to Support Economic Growth and Community Wellbeing,
  • Helping Councils Manage Community Assets and Maintain Workforces,
  • Protecting the Rural Economy,
  • Growing Tourism to Diversify the Economy,
  • Focusing on a Renewable Energy Future,
  • Responding to the Economic and Personal Costs of Drought,
  • Implementing Stock Route Management Reform,
  • Securing Healthy Aged Living Services for our Seniors,
  • Developing World Class Health Services for Rural Communities

 “We stated several weeks ago that we would release the responses, and with only a day to go to polling day I doubt the ALP, Greens or PHON will respond,” said Cr Rob Chandler, Chair of RAPAD.

 “I’d like to thank the LNP, KAP and Bruce Currie for responding however it’s disappointing the candidates from PHON, ALP and Greens, backed by their parties, could not see the value in advising seven Mayors how they would address our plan”, said Cr Chandler.

Download the LNP, KAP and Bruce Curries responses here

RAPADs election plan can be found at here

Download PDF here