RAPAD pays tribute to outgoing directors

With the Queensland Electoral Commission declaring all local government elections in the central west a regional economic development organisation acknowledges its board of directors for the past term.

The Remote Area Planning and Development Board will undergo some changes due to the outcome of the elections, with four mayors departing including former Barcaldine Mayor Rob Chandler who has been RAPAD Chair since 2012.

CEO David Arnold says Councillor Chandler brought enthusiasm, vision and passion to the role.

“His networks were extensive and his ability to talk to all levels; putting his views across in simple meaningful ways, always put the organisation and the regions needs front of mind with his audience whether it a Premier, or Prime Minister,” Mr Arnold said.

Retiring mayors, Bruce Scott OAM from Barcoo Shire and Ed Warren from Longreach Regional Council and former Diamantina Mayor Geoff Morton OAM will also be missed.

“They all worked tirelessly for their own communities and the region as a whole and few people get to see, or recognise, the effort that elected local government members put in,” he said.

Collectively more than half a century of local government elected representative experience has been lost with their departure.

“While we will miss their experience, knowledge and company we look forward to welcoming the new directors onto the RAPAD board who will no doubt put their shoulder to the grindstone, with the same passion, commitment and enterprise,” Mr Arnold said.

RAPAD will require four new directors to join the three who remain.

The process of nominating the directors falls with the member local government where each local government member can nominate one elected person.

RAPAD has been in contact with councils who are welcoming new mayors and it hopes to have nominations received by the end of the month so a full board can meet on the first of May.


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