Outback on course to become regional Queensland’s drone capital

Outback leaders are in Brisbane to launch the next stage of their plan to make the region a centre for drone technologies ahead of hosting Australia’s only remote drone event – Outback Aerodrone Symposium 21-23 September in Barcaldine.

Representing the seven councils of Central West Queensland, the Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD) has been quietly starting a drone revolution, focussed on delivering the benefits of the growing technology to its communities.

Chair of RAPAD and Mayor of Barcaldine Regional Council, Rob Chandler said independent reports and ongoing discussions with industry leaders highlighted the region’s prime position to take advantage of drone technologies and host drone testing.

“From agriculture, to disaster recovery, to infrastructure management, drones have amazing potential to support local communities, showcase local skills and capacity, and attract business and visitors to the region,” Cr Chandler said.

“We have leaders from the industry telling us what they are looking for in terms of testing facilities and Central West Queensland hits the mark - global companies including Insitu Pacific and IDS have already conducted testing in-region.

“As we continue to face heart-breaking drought, our drone ambitions aren’t a flash in the pan, we have a strategy shaped by expert knowledge that opens the door to real opportunities to boost our local economies as well as spirit,” he said.

“We’re excited to be bringing our Symposium back to Barcaldine this year following the success of our inaugural event in 2018 which drew attendees from across the country as well as a business delegation from Japan – breaking new ground and making our vision to be recognised internationally a reality.”

“We’ve continued the momentum, working with Trade & Investment Queensland to take a local delegation to Japan earlier this year, meeting with industry, education and government to discuss opportunities including hosting drone events,” he said.

“We thank our local member for Gregory, Lachlan Millar MP for hosting this launch event at Parliament House. This support reinforces the collective effort of RAPAD in leading the way with these technologies that can deliver many benefits to local regional economies, skills capacity and jobs.

“If drones are your business, your company’s next frontier or your hobby, I encourage you book a trip to Outback Queensland and connect with great opportunities, likeminded people and take in a top event complete with legendary hospitality.

RAPAD CEO David Arnold said: “This is an exciting time for our region, as we continue to work with major players in the industry, including Australia’s very own World of Drones Congress, to maximise our impact. Another exciting development this year will see our Outback Aerodrone Symposium kick off a ‘Queensland Drone Week’ that will culminate in the World of Drones Congress in Brisbane.

“Our region is well and truly open for business, and we will continue to grow our industry partner network, and work with government and corporate partners to secure sustainable investment for the communities of Central West Queensland.”


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