Job seekers wanted for vacancies in Outback Queensland

Job seekers looking for a position in outback Queensland will find it easier with an online website dedicated to a region bursting with jobs.

Almost 100 positions are advertised on the Outback Queensland Jobs board ( for full time, part time or casual roles in the region which extends from Cloncurry in the north to Cunnamulla in the south. 

RESQ, an employment service in the region is the driving force behind the Outback Queensland Jobs board and CEO Chris Hamilton wants Australians who have lost their jobs this year to consider the possibilities of living and working in the west.

“Our region has avoided the stricter COVID19 limitations imposed on other Australians based in urban areas, so employers are still looking for employees in health, hospitality, trades, rural industries as well as government jobs,” Mr Hamilton said.

The Outback Queensland Jobs website is a free service for any employer or potential employees to post or look for positions in western Queensland.

The easing of movement restrictions and a late start to the tourist season saw the Outback’s unemployment rate decrease from 11 per cent in January to 9 per cent in June 2020, but there are still plenty of unfilled jobs in the region.

“It was quite amazing. Unlike city locations, the unemployment rate in western Queensland actually dropped during COVID-19 but statics can be misleading. There are still plenty of great jobs available and many really good employers desperate for workers,” Mr Hamilton said.

Some of the positions currently available on the website include Occupational Therapist, Teacher, Carpenter, Environmental Advisor, Tourism Trainee just to name a few.

Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD) Chair, Tony Rayner is encouraging local businesses to post job vacancies on and promote the website through their social media channels.

“Initiatives like this need to build momentum before they can deliver,”

“We know job security and high levels of employment drive a strong local economy,”

“A focused regional jobs board will help speed up the awareness and recruitment process, so we get people back into jobs as quickly as possible,” said Councillor Rayner.


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