In what’s believed to be an industry first, the Remote Area Development Board has today launched an innovative online tool to show the community the success of its cluster fencing initiative.

RAPAD has launched a responsive website which provides the results of round two of the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative in the Central West.

It converts dry figures into animated graphs and tells the story of how the project is impacting on people’s lives in meaningful ways.

Morgan Gronold, Senior Regional Development Manager with RAPAD has been driving the project and explains it’s more than a website.

“All the results from round two of the funding have been collated and fed into live graphs and graphics which will be kept up to date with information from future rounds, so whenever someone logs on, they are getting the most up to date information on the project,” he said.

“But it’s more than bland graphs and numbers, we have included the stories of people who have been part of the project so the benefits that can’t be put into a graph can also be understood,” Mr Gronold said.

To develop the tool RAPAD partnered with economist Andrew Perkins from Hall Chadwick and online specialist Tim Smith of Evidently So to develop the tool.

RAPAD expects more organisations which are required to report project outcomes or provide monitoring and evaluation will follow its lead in this innovative technique.

“People are less and less inclined to read reports, this website delivers the key information in an engaging experience straight to a laptop or smart phone, it’s the way of the future,” Mr Gronold said.


The website can be found at

Download PDF here