Central West Queensland set soar at global drone event in Japan

A delegation from Central West Queensland will put the region’s Outback Aerodrone Symposium and drone testing capabilities in the spotlight at the Japan Drones Conference and Expo in Tokyo next week.

The delegation includes Barcaldine Regional Council Deputy CEO, Brett Walsh, and the Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD) Operations and Innovation Manager, Kristine Arnold, with support from Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ). The delegation’s agenda from 10-15 March includes hosting a display at the Japan Drone event as well as a full schedule of meetings in Osaka and Tokyo.

The agenda includes discussions with one of Japan’s largest machinery manufacturers, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, in addition to meetings with representatives from government ministries, Chiba University and key players in drone industry development.  

RAPAD Chair Cr Rob Chandler said the delegation was another important step for the region to continue to develop its capabilities as a drone Centre of Excellence and strengthen ties with world-leading companies.

“Our inaugural Outback Aerodrone event last year drew attendees from across the country as well as a delegation from Japan. This really opened our eyes to the amazing potential for local business, communities, education and more,” he said.

“We’re pleased to be hosting the Symposium in Barcaldine again this year from 21 – 23 September. Brett and Kristine will be leading the charge to welcome even more international companies and enthusiasts from amongst the thousands of delegates at Japan Drones.

“Working with TIQ and delivering the Outback Aerodrone Symposium has opened doors to great opportunities for our region,” Cr Chandler said.

“During their visit the Japanese delegates identified opportunities for investment and application in Japan, including our wide-open spaces, agricultural industry and responding to disasters.

“We were able to continue discussions with two of the Japanese companies and now look forward to enhancing these connections and expanding our impact into this market,” Cr Chandler said.

Brett and Kristine will be taking translated materials that invite delegates to Outback Aerodrone Symposium and also showcase the region as an ideal location for drone testing and development opportunities. 

Kristine Arnold said: “We will be promoting our beautiful vast blue skies of Central Western Queensland, and our capacity to host drone events, especially to those requiring beyond visual line of sight (BVLoS) testing.”

“This is an exciting time for our region, as we continue to work with major players in the industry, including Australia’s very own World of Drones Congress, to maximise our impact.

“Another exciting development this year will see our Outback Aerodrone Symposium kick off a “Queensland Drone Week” that will culminate in the World of Drones Congress in Brisbane.

“We will be able to further leverage this major event in Brisbane, and again connect with delegates’ schedules as we did with the Japanese delegation last year.  

Outback Aerodrone Symposium 2019 is supported by the Queensland Government through Advance Queensland, and the Barcaldine Regional Council. Japan Drones Conference and Expo 2019 13 – 15 March


For more information is available online at www.outbackaerodrone.com.au.

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