Business as Innovative as Usual at RAPAD

In the transition from traditional operation to functioning during COVID19 restrictions the Remote Area Planning and Development Board has not broken its stride with operations and training continuing without significant disruption. 

RAPAD Skilling normally runs face to face courses in travel and tourism, Events, Community and health Support services, civil construction, first aid and business areas.

“We have adapted our delivery to make the most of modern video conferencing technology and are currently running many of our courses remotely, we even have trainers delivering the theory component of civil courses this way,” said Training Manager Stephen Rossberg.

“We have had to follow the same social distancing as everyone else so delivering training via this method means our staff and students are protected and will still receive informative professional training suited to students in this region,” he said.

RAPAD Skilling has also heavily discounted the student contribution fees associated with specific funded courses.

“Now is a great time to upskill, develop new skills or transition toward a new industry,” Mr Rossberg said. 

OutbackHubs is a network of physical spaces equipped with sophisticated video conferencing equipment across the region which is available for use by the public. 

It is also an online community which has developed to provide training and development sessions to its members.

Creator of OutbackHubs Kristine Arnold says the service is experiencing unprecedented demand in the current COVID climate.

“With this technology already in place in our region it has meant there’s been no hick ups in putting it to work daily, we really can be distant and connected,” Mrs Arnold said.

“Over the last three years we have been establishing across our Outback communities physical spaces with the Zoom video conferencing technology able to host meetings and workshops virtually, reducing need to travel for these events. To date this has been used by many community groups, businesses and local governments.” said Kristine. 

 OutbackHubs is currently delivering a series of webinars with local accountant and businesswoman Prue Button to help small business understand what’s on offer from the Federal Governments various stimulus packages.

Parallel to this is another series of webinars, ‘Build Your Digital Footprint’ aimed at providing attendees with information on current tools to enhance their online presence.

Membership to OutbackHubs is free if you sign up between now and September to access any of the live or recorded webinars. 



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